The Photoshop Work of Designer Alan C. Kettler



I have been a self-employed commercial artist for over 35 years.
I made a living for over 10 years creating exclusively Photoshop graphics (combined with Illustrator).
I did Photoshop illustration and design for big companies like National Geographic, Discovery Communications, and the World Bank.
I am excellent at photo retouching and I excel at the art of photomontage.
I have taken thousands of photographs and I have fourteen websites, all with graphics and photographs created solely by me.
I really like Photoshop and I am really good at it.

I would appreciate the opportunity for an interview with your company.

1. World Bank - Book Covers

2. World Bank - Brochure Cover

3.Discovery OnLine - Galapagos Interactive Map

4. Environmental Film Museum Promo Design

5. Video - Map of Europe

6. - Site Directory Page

7. - Media Design Directory Page

8. NBC Washington - Home Page Interface Design

9. NBC Washington - On-Air News Promo Graphic

10.Healing Arts Photography - My Stock Photography Website with About 600 of My Photographs


Some of my other Photoshop clients have included

• ABC News Network
• Bronx Zoo
• National Geographic Society
• Office of Homeland Security
•Smithsonian Magazine
•US Committee for Refugees